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  • Keywords Management
  • Call Extension create
  • Conversation Code add
  • Call Tracking Enable
  • Location Target
  • Time Set
  • Negative Keywords Block
  • Sms Extension Create
  • Bidding change time to time
  • Google Analytics/Google Webmaster Integrate
  • Sitelink Extension Create
  • Site Structure Extension Create
  • Device Set ( Computer, Ipad, Phone )
  • Quality Score Increase

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Questions and Answers - All related Google Adwords

Que - What is Google Adword ?

Ans - Google Adword is PPC ( Pay Per Click )

Que - If someone user click my Ads 2+ time then Google Charge 2 Time ?

Ans - No, 1 User 1 time Cost charge if user click 2+ time then charge deduct on your a/c 1 time per day

Que - How many types of Ads Format Google Have ?

Ans - 2 Types of "Text Ads" "Call Ads"

Que - How to Track Google Adword Enquiry if user fill form on my website ?

Ans - Use Google Conversation Code

Que - How to Track User Per day report Citywise, Statewise, Countrywise and more ?

Ans - Use Google Analytics

Que - How to Find in Google Which Keyword best for run Google Ads ?

Ans - Use Google Keyword Planner option - under Tools

Que - What is Best Price for Per Day Budget ?

Ans - Rs 200 to Rs 500 Per Day Budget is ok ( For Starting )

Que - What is Google Adword Toll Free Number ?

Ans - Google Adword Toll Free Number 18002582554

Que - What is Google Adword Customer Care Timing ?

Ans - Monday to Friday - 9am to 6pm

Que - On Phone Call Google Adword Team what ask For verification ?

Ans - Your Customer Number, Your Mobile Number, Your Registered Email ID

Que - Which Extension Good For Google Adwords Run ?

Ans - Call Extension, Message Extension, Location Extension, Sitelink Extension, Structured snippet Extension

Que - How many extactly enquiry we reecive if ads run ?

Ans - If you get 100 click means 20 calls you will get real

Que - Which Type of People Clicks on our ads ?

Ans - Our Competitors, Our Data Collect Company, Website Developers, Real Customers

Que - Is this Google Adwords best for Long Time Period ?

Ans - No, For Short time 2-3 months time google adword maximium is ok but long time google adword not good because its costly

Que - How to Check and change our default Keyword Price if competitor price high ?

Ans - Keyword > Max CPC > Edit

Que - 3 Types of Matches ( Phrase Match, Braod Match, Extact Match ) which one best ?

Ans - If you want example "seo company dehradun" then use Extact Match Keyword

Que - Device Setting - which one is best ?

Ans - Mobile Device is best because 80% or above audience on mobile device

Que - What is the Best Time Schedule for run google adword ?

Ans - Morning 8 am to 11pm

Que - Which Day best for run google adword ?

Ans - Saturday and Sunday best day because these day holidays many times and user online active

Que - What is Best tips if i am running google adword, what option good for my website

Ans - Use Live Chat ( tawk ), Enquiry Form, tel Code, whatsapp code, Google Analytics code

Que - How to increase Quality Score 10 out of 10 or below ?

Ans - use same keywords on your website

Que - Which one is best Google Adword or Google Adword Express ?

Ans - Google Adword ( its complete customize )

Que - If i deposit amount then google adword charge GST ?

Ans - Yes always charge GST 18%

Que - Who is the Best Google Adword or SEO ?

Ans - SEO Always Best ( Non Paid )

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