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As a reputed website owner, I usually hear the doubt on increasing site traffic and page views.  Every blog owners want to get more n more traffic per day and they rush for this. But getting tons of visitors within a day is not possible. You know, I have started my blog about 18 months ago and i used to get about 100-200 page views per day. But now the traffic is about 50000 per day. Amazing na? Wanna get traffic like this? Try this cool 15 effective methods.

Add internal links: This is most simple 
method to increase your pageviews. Whenever you write an article, check 
whether you have written similar articles. If so link to them. This is 
helpful for new readers as well as it is not necessary that all your 
readers have been with you from the beginning. But remember that too 
much interlinking can get your readers distracted from the original 

    1. Try related posts: For blogger users there is a plugin called Related Posts that can automatically find related posts
      for you based on the keywords you used in the article. You can do this 
      manually if you want, but I prefer the plugin as it is a lot easier. 
      There may be a similar plugin for other Blog Platforms, but I am not 
      sure about it.It is best that you place 5 related posts just after the 
      post ends. You can find more useful blogger Plugins here.
    1. Add a Newsletter or Post Notification Services: Services such Zookoda and FeedBurner
      can be used to notify readers of new posts via email thereby increasing
      page views. I think that notifying new posts through emails are more 
      effective than feeds as people check their mails many times a day.
    1. Highlight Key Posts in Prominent Positions: You may have 
      noticed that my header links to some of the important articles of 
      johntp.com. When visitors reach this blog there’s a high chance that 
      they will notice these links and click them. My header links has helped 
      me almost double my pageviews.
    1. Best of Pages: I have collected some of the best articles and put them on a separate page calledTop Posts.
      This not only helps to increase pageviews but also helps in converting 
      casual surfers to regular readers.I also use a blogger Plugin called 
      ‘Noteworthy‘ with which I mark some of the interesting articles. The 
      plugin automatically puts the marked posts to a category. This can also 
      help in increasing the pageviews of those posts. In short highlight your
      top posts in all ways possible.
    1. Write a Series of Posts: A series of posts on a topic can 
      drive readers from the first part to the last thereby increasing 
      pageviews. Readers will also return often to read what you have to say 
      on the next part.Although I suggest you don’t break every article into a
      series of posts as it may irritate some readers.
    1. Use Extended Entires on your Front Page: For blogger users there is a ‘more’ feature that breaks long posts with a ‘more…’ or ‘Continue reading post name
      that links to the complete post. This can help in increasing pageviews 
      but you must use it only for long posts as it can get annoying for 
      certain readers when used too much.
    1. Run a Blog Project or Meme: Group writing projects can get 
      you new links and readers aswell as visitors who come back multiple 
      times in a week to see what updates there had been to it. Projects or 
      competitions works best if you have a lot of loyal readers willing to 
    1. Excerpts in RSS feeds: If you use Full Feeds, your readers 
      are likely to read your content through feeds and never return to your 
      blog. To increase page views you may switch to Partial Feeds.Here at 
      johntp.com, after switching to partial feeds I have found an increase in
      the number of people coming back and an unexpected increase in RSS 
    1. Entice RSS Readers to Visit: If you decide to use Full feeds,
      you need to find ways to get your subscribers to visit your blog. i 
      suggests methods such as Polls, writing posts in a way that invites 
      comments and interlinking posts.
    1. Build Interactivity into your Blog: The more your readers 
      interact on your blog the more pages they view. Comments and polls are a
      good way to interact with readers.You can encourage comments by asking 
      question or opinions at the end of evey post. If a reader leaves a 
      comment or takes part in a poll they are likely to come back again to 
      see if there are any replies to their comments or to find out the result
      of the poll. Building an interactive blog can increase your pageviews a
    1. Draw People Back to Comments: For blogger users there are a 
      few plugins that help you make your blog more interactive regarding 
      comments. First is a plugin called Brian’s Latest Comments
      that shows an overview of the recently active articles and the last 
      people to comment on them.You can also give your readers the opportunity
      to follow your comments either by having a RSS feed for comments on 
      your blog or by allowing them to subscribe to comments via email with 
      Subscribe To Comments blogger Plugin.You can encourage your readers to 
      comment more often by listing the Top 10 Commentators of your blog and 
      linking directly to their blogs. You can do this automatically with the 
      Top Commentators blogger Plugin.You can see all these plugins in action 
      on my blog and find more here.
    1. Add a Search Feature: Adding a Search feature to your blog 
      allows your readers to search for previous posts thereby increasing 
      pageviews. Your theme may already be having it by default.
    1. Give Your Readers a Homework Assignment: I have not yet tried
      this method and so can’t comment on it. I am not even sure if it will 
      work for my kind of blog. This method has more chance of working on 
      blogs like laxman Photography Blog.

SOURCE: http://templates-widgets.blogspot.com/2010/02/increase-page-views-on-your.html

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