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Fantastico, a feature in cPanel that helps you easily install programs to your account, is no longer available. As of September 17th, 2012, Fantastico has been replaced by Softaculous.

This article is being kept in our Support Center for our VPS and Dedicated Customers who may still be using Fantastico. For all other users, please see our Softaculous software installation guide for more help with installing programs such as WordPress and Joomla.

After you know that your server meets Drupal's system requirements, you can then begin to install Drupal 7. From the uploading of the Drupal 7 core files all the way to your database setup and configuration, a good Drupal 7 walkthrough will include thorough installation steps. This article will assist you with installing Drupal using Fantastico, a tool provided through InMotion Hosting that automates software installation and makes the installation process much easier.

If you're not hosting with InMotion Hosting and don't have Fantastico included with your account, you may instead need to manually install Drupal 7. While this route does include more steps, follow our guide here on manually installing Drupal 7 and get Drupal installed in no time.

You can install Drupal using Fantastico which is located within cPanel.

    1. You'll first need to log into cPanel.
    2. Access the Fantastico de Luxe section of cPanel by clicking on the icon.

    1. Click the Drupal link, which is beneath the Content Management label.

    1. Click the "New Installation" link.

    1. In step 1/3 for installing Drupal, you will be providing the basic settings needed to setup Drupal.

Installing on a domain

If you have more than one domain name, select the domain you which to install Drupal onto from the drop down menu.

Installing  in a directory

If you would like to install Drupal into a sub directory, enter the directory path here. For example, if your domain name is and you would like Drupal to be accessed via, then you would enter support as the install in directory.

Admin Access Data

You will need to enter a username and password in order to access the administrative area of Drupal, which you need to create here.

Base Configuration

Your Drupal installation at times may send the administrator email updates. In this field, enter the email address you would like to receive those emails. It's very important to enter in a valid email address.

At the bottom, you will see a button labeled Install Drupal. Click that to move to the next step.

On the "Install Drupal (2/3)" page, simply click "Finish Installation"

When you've reached the "Install Drupal (3/3)" page, your Drupal installation has been successful. You are given a link to the site as well as the admin username and password. If you would like to have a summary of the installation details and admin information emailed to you for future reference, enter your email address in field and click "Send E-mail"

Congratulations, you have successfully installed Drupal! Get started by visiting the link given to your site during the last part of the install. You should see the screen below when visiting the site. Be sure to check out our article onhow to log into the admin dashboard to continue your customizing your site. For more information on this course please visit Installing and Getting Started with Drupal 7.

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